Action 2 Mobility

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Design Brief:

2022: To design and produce artwork for new signs to replace existing (which were done on the cheap) and did not reflect the stature of our client's business. The signs were produced as 800mm high trays with 50mm turnbacks and covered with MacCal Pro vinyls.

2020: To design and produce artwork (high resolution at 1/10th scale) for 48-sheet (20' x 10') advertisement billboard promoting Action 2 Mobility showroom in local area.
Note: Covid-19 and BLM touches - highly relevant at time of publication.

2014: To design and develop a client content managed responsive website for a mobility retail specialist. This included a "revolution slider", creating a product code system, setting up a database, creating a bespoke administration intranet and writing features/specifications for each product.
We had already created the branding for the store in Rushden, Northants in 2010 and have since designed several promotional brochures and leaflets plus regularly producing adverts for local advertising.

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