Graduation Attire

Design for Print | Display
  • Category: Design for Print | Display
  • Released: 2013 - 2018
  • Client: Graduation Attire
Design Brief (Exhibition Display) December 2018:

To design a stand backdrop for Exeter University Graduation. Also included a matching counter and generic business card for Company employees

Design Brief (Exhibition Display) June 2016:

To design a stand backdrop for the Childcare Expo 2016 in Manchester. The graphics had to appeal to Nursery School decision makers

Design Brief (Mailshots) October 2015:

Our brief was to design a series of mailshots promoting the idea of graduation ceremonies in the Educational Market Sector. Three key areas were covered: Apprenticeships; Schools and Colleges. Each leaflet is printed 4-colour process; double-sided A5 (A5 2-page).

Design Brief (Exhibition Display) October 2014:

Our brief was to design four easily transportable displays when Graduation Attire are running a graduation ceremony. Two of them so that graduands know where to go for robing and photography; two for general marketing purposes.

Design Brief (Brochure) October 2013:

One of our first jobs for Graduation Attire. The design of a corporate brochure as part of "graduation" pack that was issued to prospective customers. The brochure is a 6-page A4, printed 4-colour process.

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